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Haven't written a substantial update since the fall of 2015, so seems like maybe I should do that. That said, I'm not in a particularly loquacious mood this morning so it'll be a bit bullet pointy.

Adoption - well past the paperwork phase, now just... waiting. And waiting. (Basically a birth mother has to pick us as the people she wants to give her child to. The agencies tell you not to think of it as online dating, but frankly it's the most apt comparison.) It could happen literally any day, which is crazy to consider. Day to day life hasn't changed yet, but is poised to at the drop of a hat.

Furry critters - a little over a year ago we adopted a dog into our lives, and it's been a wonderful choice. Fennel (who many of you have met) is a lazy, lazy bum but even so has forced Meg and I to get out of the house a few times a day regardless of weather, and it's been good for all involved. Here's a year old picture since it's what I have handy: pic linky.

Work - work isn't my favorite part of life right now, but I'm a bit harsh on it to be honest. The day to day here really isn't terrible, I think I'm just burnt out on other people's computer problems. Not getting home until 7pm most days really sucks too. I'm looking around to see if I can find what's next for my career, but it's very unclear right now. Guessing I have to become a manager of tech folks.

That's the short of it, I'm going to try to be more active on here because I miss having y'all as a community to chat with.
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